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Roman-Catholic youth group Delft

Also some information in English for our international guests and friends!

We are the RKJ Delft, a Roman-Catholic youth group situated in Delft. We have our RKJ-evenings once a month, on the first Monday, on which we celebrate Mass together, have a nice meal together and invite someone to speak about the subject of the evening. These evenings start at 18:00 with Holy Mass and will end around 22:00 with a drink, after closing the evening with prayer in the chapel. During the evenings we will offer translation if needed since the speaker will usually talk in Dutch.

If you are interested and want some more information please feel free to email us at vice-voorzitter­(at)rkjdelft(dot)nl or check our Facebook (RKJ Delft)! On our Facebook we will announce our events so you can easily find the date of the coming evening and the subject of this evening.